The Ousted

by The Ousted

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released May 30, 2016

Guitar, bass, vocal recordings and editing by Alican Erbaş
Drums are recorded at Deneyevi Studio İstanbul by Sevan Çizmeci
Reamped at DTH Studios Moscow by Stanislav Baranov
Mixed by Barkın Engin
Mastered by Güven Ersoysal at Babajim Studios and Mastering
Album artwork by Esk Reyn

Mert Papik - Vocals
Mertcan Atalan - Guitar
Oğuzhan Turhan - Guitar
Tunç Atalan - Bass
Alican Erbaş - Drums



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The Ousted İstanbul, Turkey

The Ousted is a hardcore band that was not formed in 1943.

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Track Name: The Same Song
We can't define what's wrong,
We can't define what's left,
Everyday is a sin...

We carry all this weight,
We carry all this hate,
All we say is the same...

We carry all this light.
We carry all this hate.
And we sing the same song.

Then I sing the same song...
Track Name: Best Neglector
Let me be the rain
I will clinch the deal here.
Let me be the beast of crying truth;
Against the fear,
Against the will boils over me.

Let me be the best neglector

Disclaim the truth
Make this the best of my run
Cast out the wounded, the aware;
The fist that comes last...

This is my blunt fact, my very pistol.

Came right to an end,
Where the love is ended, I can't see the peace now

Lust for a new hope
Lust for a new home
Be the perfect stranger
Track Name: The Ousted
The bounds of seas and diseased
I hear you’re screaming

They broke us
But we never prayed
Never prayed since we saw
The light is nowhere
It’s hiding nowhere

We are the light!
The suns are inside us
Never been ours!
They are owned, by ours
Owned by our own sons

You won’t let them choose
Until the ousted choose you

We’re too tired of their hopeless
Our life is
Names can’t control our lives
Where authority hides.

Who are them?
Who do they shape and,
Why do they care?

I never teared down the weak
I never feared the odd
They hide, they lie

All of their poor victims
All those honoured lives
How did they decide?

Did we decide?
How did they decide?
Track Name: Mountains We Climb
To all the fight we had
To all the wise we trapped

For all the chains we held
For all the lies we spent

We’re not tired

How disputed can this rage will survive the black void;
How the seasons will carry on?
Before the hounds will smell our tears
We gotta be more intense than fear
All we need is
No repeat! No refill?

Days form the mountains we climb!

How disputed can our hands will hold us all through?
How the glory will hail our hope?
Before the time will heal;

We don’t expect the fear we’re falling
And all the way we fall

We don’t expect the fear, we fall
And all the way we fall alone

Even its all the way down;

We’re going to feel home
Until the wise
Holds the storm
Track Name: Sons of Overwhelming
The sons of overwhelming
And the miles between their eyes
We have the chance,
We have the damned solution

We hate the facts we hate;
We’re the sons of greed

And the glance between the unwise,
We’ll memorise!
The walls they break inside are us
The walls are us!

Too hard to break these chains
But we’re so alone
To have this life,
To be owned for another day
We all blame

We blame our brothers
We blame their sorrow, we blame their life
We blame our home
that we’re all born and raised…

Count between the silence
Never feel alone
Things should be easier
How we lost our hope
You were my only one, you were my home

Count our fists
Down their heads
Track Name: The End You Wrote
Rook and fear
That effected weird
So clear

Anyone can find the way
We’re just fictioned
Reasoned for “No communication”

Forced and labeled
Our courage will be always delusional or;
We leave this everglade,
With no hope, no treason.

All of us; we’ll hold the soil
In the pale of mountains
We’ll sing the skies
We are empowered spirits
Until the soil fuels us

If all those lost years worth it
We would carve our grave

How a prison of soil would make it so?
How those tears will guide the end you wrote?

Choises all over faint by you
Billions of lives will hold us through
We own the light here
We burn the solid

Choises all over faint by war
Thousands of names will be found who?
We own the light here
We burn the solid

We own the fight yesterday!
There won’t be a new day.
We own the soil yesterday!
There won't be a new day.